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We aim to serve our clients to the best of our abilities, because it’s the right thing to do.

Chuck Green, DP and Production Chief, founded Perpetual Motion Pictures in 2005, which became Perpetual Motion Media in 2012, reflecting the company’s growth in multimedia.

Chuck has a BA from SUNY Binghamton in Filmmaking, and
won a New England Emmy® in 2012. He co-taught a seminar called The Art of Interview, and was a panelist at the Documentary Summit in 2013. He has worked on national and regional commercials, scripted and reality television shows, lit and filmed over 400 interviews. He has also filmed hundreds of seminars and lectures, dozens of musical and theatrical performances, music videos, news and live events, and documentaries, yet never seems to get tired of production work. He is director, writer and producer of the dramatic short film Vicky’s Diamond Boys, now in postproduction and set for release in 2020.
“Chuck is a great asset on productions of any scale. His breadth of knowledge ranges from the nitty gritty engineering details of camera operations to the big picture thinking that elevates productions as a whole.”

Jesse Buckley
Video Producer
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Four Weddings episode - finale
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Dr. DeVita, former head of National Cancer Institute

I hired Chuck from Perpetual Motion Media a few years back to help me with my first TV commercial ever.  I needed help getting my strategy set at first.  Chuck helped me by presenting a handful of ideas for me to choose from.  Once I chose my direction, he helped me with the small to big details and the process of executing the commercial from inception to completion.  It ran for six months on local and regional cable generating great response from my customers and staff.  Chuck is a consummate professional.  As a small business owner, finding people you can trust, that are talented and experienced, is very important.  I highly recommend Chuck and Perpetual Motion Media.

Barry Gold
Outdoor Recreation of Hopkinton

“Working with Chuck was a real pleasure, he was willing to do whatever it took to make the show better. Chuck has a real creative eye and I look forward to working with chuck in the future!”

Dan Klamert
Video Director at Fan Fest Boston 2015 at Fenway Park

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Giving acceptance speech at NE Emmy® ceremony - 2012
“Working with Chuck and Perpetual Motion Media has been an absolute pleasure. I have worked with several cameramen in different countries and have found Chuck to be the best. In the case study we shot, I was both directing and in front of the camera. This inevitably is very difficult, but Chuck quickly understood what I had in mind and was proactive in capturing that. This significantly reduced my burden and made the whole shoot a lot easier for me. Furthermore, the quality of the film shot is fantastic and Chuck has been very quick with making any of the edits I required. In short, Chuck is easy to work with and delivers quality results.”

Shaunvir Mahil
Managing Director
Virtual Employee Private Limited
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Filming interview for New England Fund for the Arts
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Directing and filming a website commercial
“I hired Chuck Green for a video shoot for the first time in May 2012 and was immediately impressed with his top of the line equipment, experience, dedication, commitment, attention to detail and conscientiousness.  Needless to say we have been hiring him out on gigs ever since!  As owner of a small but growing (i.e. busy) video production company in Boston, it has been a huge benefit having Chuck available to send out on shoots as needed. I know that even if I can't be there in person that SVG's clients will be taken care of and happy which gives me peace of mind and frees me up to work on other projects.  I admire Chuck for his conscientiousness and work ethic and trust that he will treat my clients with respect and professionalism.”

Christina E. Skillman
CEO / Creative Director
Skillman Video Group, LLC