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Perpetual Motion Media invested in PPE gear, supplies, and training
and adopted protocols aimed at keeping everyone safe on site.

2020 SARS-CoV-2 Safety Protocols

Beginning of the day:
• Non-contact temperature readings are taken at the start of the workday and after lunch.
• A poster size printout of the safety protocols to be followed is displayed prominently.
• Face masks, gel and spray hand sanitizers are made available in the work area.
• Each person receives a bottle of spray hand sanitizer for their own use.
During the day:
• Face masks are worn by everyone when not on camera.
• Physical distancing is maintained, other than briefly when it may be impractical to do so. Face shields are worn when in close proximity.
• Disposable nitrile gloves and latex gloves are supplied and worn by crew members when appropriate and practical to do so.
• Crew members minimize handling of equipment which will be touched by others during the day.
• Trash and used disposable PPE items are put in blue trash bags, which will be available.
End of Day
• Surfaces and equipment we've used are cleaned using recommended cleaning products and procedures.
• An electrostatic sprayer will mist a recommended disinfectant, if needed.
• All trash and PPE in blue trash bags are disposed of off-site.
• Clients keep their blue glass hand sanitizer bottle.

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PPE Box For Use By Clients

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PPE Box For Use By Crew

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Disinfectant Sprayer For Use By Crew

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